We are taking every effort to make
sure you have made the right choice

Our vast experience, state of the art equipment and qualified
personnel make us a number one contractor for the leading
mineral developers in Russia and CIS countries.

  • since 2012
    in the mining service business
  • 9 companies
    being part of the Group
  • > 1600 people
    employed by OGK Group
  • > 490 units
    of various equipment
  • mission

    The best services for the best clients

    With our efficient management, strategic planning and productive investment, we are striving to become the market leader and to set such quality standards that will be beneficial to our clients and that will be always complied with.

> 490
items of equipment available
Status as of March 1, 2024
  • > 1600 people
    employed by the Company


You cannot control
what you cannot measure

Our performance has been improving from year to year,
which demonstrates our efficiency.

more than

total cost of our equipment

                      All companies of the Group follow high operation,
                      safety and environmental standards. And the OGK Group
                      structure is such that it allows our Clients to save 20% of their
                      costs, if they enter into an integrated service contract.


                      We raise the quality
                      standards and save
                      our Clients’ money
                      No numerous offices and personnel with duplicate functions
                      We combine reputable companies that have good operational experience and cutting edge technologies under the leadership of one efficient management team.
                      Allocation of responsibility
                      We reduce mobilization cost, minimize non-productive time, efficiently allocate the drilling and auxiliary equipment.
                      Centralized purchasing
                      for our companies
                      We are given individual preferences and discounts by the equipment manufacturers and vendors, which helps to considerably reduce our Clients’ costs.

                      company history

                      New heights every year
                      July 26, 2012
                      Start-up of the Company’s business
                      OOO Internedra, the first OGK Group’s holding company was established.
                      January 24, 2013
                      Buryat Exploration Firm was established.
                      It has become the biggest independent service contractor specializing in underground exploration drilling.
                      February 12, 2016
                      A share was bought into ASL-Technologies
                      specializing in drilling and blasting services of any complexity.
                      November 22, 2013
                      Khabarovsk Exploration Firm
                      specializing in surface core drilling was acquired.
                      July 20, 2016
                      Armenian Exploration Firm was established
                      specifically for core hole drilling in Armenia.
                      March 10, 2017
                      The total core drilling footage achieved one million meters
                      August 24, 2018
                      The volume of coal transportation exceeded one million tons
                      September 22, 2017
                      OGK Logistic, an in-house shipping company was established
                      claiming to become a leader in rock mass transportation at the Russian Far East.
                      November 14, 2018
                      The total volume of shot rock exceeded 100 million cubic meters
                      April 17, 2019
                      50% of the share into DETRA was acquired
                      which allowed the Group to become the only independent integrated service contractor at the market.
                      October 2021
                      Пробурена первая скважина наклонного бурения по технологии DeviDrill
                      October 2020
                      Принято решение о создании компании «Master DETRA»
                      December 2022
                      Drilling company NovaDrilling became part of OGK Group
                      December 2023
                      Company achieved a new milestone of 5 mln linear meters of core drilling

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                      Be part of OGK Group’s history

                      We welcome the opportunity to consider new prospective exploration firms from both inside and outside Russia joining our Group.

                      OGK Group’s experience, technological and managerial resources allow our business to efficiently develop, attract new Clients and to reach its full potential.

                      Please contact us for more detailed information regarding the Company profile and our capabilities.

                      The success of OGK Group is the success of your business.