Drilled to 8 301 948 m
Blasted 150 456 370 m3
Сurrent values
Approximate drilling data. Calculation based on actual average performance per month and work plan.
Сurrent values
Approximate DBO data. Calculation based on actual average performance per month and work plan.
OGK Group of Companies integrates
the leaders in geological exploration
hither and yond
The OGK Group mission is to use
all the components of efficient
mining service provision
for the benefit of our customers.
We convert natural resources to production
resources, making the birth of trendsetting
technologies possible and breaking
new ground for the world
production sector.
Our aim is to use experience
and present knowledge of resource
support for leading manufacturing
Giantlike experience, up-to-date machinery
and the most skilled staff makes us number
one company in the Russian market
of geological exploration.
We work with highprofile experts
that have a project execution
experience in the most hard-to-get
regions. As for our customers, they are
the first-rate subsoil users in Russia.
Anatoly Pak
CEO of the Group,
Board Member
Consolidated Control Board
High organization of companies
inside the Group allows us to optimize
the cost of works
Our Consolidated Control Board guarantees the suitable standarts of work, accident prevention and natural environment protection. Without numerous offices and
expensive additional staff.
Due to its efficient structure, cooperation
with OGK Group saves up to 20% of the budget
in the context of integrated service provision.
Division of responsibilities lowers the costs for equipment mobilization and let us effectively spread drillling machinery and support facilities across geological exploration zones.
Group's centralized procurement processes let us get groundbreaking discounts as well as producers' and suppliers' preferences, which lowers our clients' drilling costs.
Key indicators of our
group development dynamics
Sometimes numbers speak louder than words. We are proud of OGK Group results and adhere to the principle of transparency in business. Our showings grow annualy, demonstrating the effectiveness of geological exploration for our customers.
More than6,3 mln m of rock formation drilled
2016 — 2017
2014 — 2015
2011 — 2013
More than104 mln m3of mined rock blasted
2016 — 2017
2014 — 2015
2011 — 2013
More than1260employees on the staff
2016 — 2017
2014 — 2015
2011 — 2013
More than $ 69 mlntax paid
2016 — 2017
2014 — 2015
2011 — 2013
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and our managers will consult you.
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