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Surface drilling
We provide all types of surface drilling services: core drilling (including oriented coring), dewatering holes, ground water holes, boreholes, RC-drilling and blasthole drilling, full range of logging services.
Underground core drilling
We provide all types of underground drilling services: core hole drilling (including ground water holes), oriented coring while drilling, grade control drilling, hole logging.
Grade control RC drilling
The Group is in possession of the biggest RC drilling rig fleet in Russia. We use multi-purpose FlexiROC D65 RC rigs that are suitable both for blasthole and grade control drilling and that have an RC option with a capacity for the rotary head to be replaced within several hours and for RC drilling to 40-50 meters.
Primary and secondary development, and stoping in underground mine workings
We provide a full range of underground mining services: shot-holes and blast-hole rings drilling, underground mine workings development, stoping after rock mass loading and haulage, walling, installation of conveyors, compressed air, ventilation, and water piping, lighting systems.
Hole construction and up-hole drilling
We work in alliance with Master Drilling, a South African company, which has been the world-wide leader in the industry for more than 30 years and which is in possession of the biggest fleet of the up-hole drilling equipment.
  • Surface drilling
  • Underground core drilling
  • Grade control RC drilling
  • Drilling and blasting services
  • Rock mass excavation and haulage
  • Primary and secondary development, and stoping in underground mine workings
  • Hole construction and up-hole drilling