Drilled to 83 600 000 m
Blasted 98 070 000 m3
OGK Group:
new horizons for companies
applicable to geological exploration
OGK Group constantly grows and evolves, giving reins to its customers and partners.
We band leading enterprises in the market of geological exploration, and every each
of those is a recognized expert in the field.
We look forward to assimilating up-and-coming promising companies into the Group
either they are from Russia or from abroad. Experience, technologic and administrative resources
the Group disposes, let every new business evolve effectively and be a part of massive,
interesting projects to live up to its potential.
When you join OGK Group you get access to the utmost expertise, outstanding
customers and newest technologies. We don't seek to take over another business,
insted we give it all the range of possibilities to mature.
OGK Group's prosperity is your business' prosperity.
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about the company and our capabilities
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